CMTA AG announces market entry in Germany

CMTA AG announces market entry in Germany

Munich, 03.01.2022 – At the secondary market specialist CMTA AG, the focus of the year 2022 is on growth. With the market entry of CMTA AG in Germany, the fixed-income fintech is expanding its market presence in Europe further. Germany thus constitutes the Europe-wide start of the clear strategy of personal on-site service from experienced experts, coupled with digitalisation.

CMTAAG successfully supports professional market participants in all areas of the fixed-income market. Through the digital networking of trading know-how with bond key performance indicators in real-time, CMTA AG is opening up a new dynamic, quality, and transparency in bond trading. Personal support from experienced employees on site, along with digitalization, represents the core strategy of CMTA AG.

The market entry in Germany is a key element of the international growth strategyof CMTA AG. A decisive aspect is a concentration on technology and innovation, coupled with proximity to the customer and a presence in all European markets.

The branch management will be taken over by Thomas Dunne and Matthias Maxa. With them, CMTA AG has been able to recruit experienced industry experts who have in-depth knowledge of the German market and of regional customer requirements.

Out of a conviction of being able to empower people in the best possible way through new technological opportunities in the development of software solutions, CMTA AG has developed an in-house software platform over the last few years in order to decisively improve the trading of bonds, promissory note loans, and registered bonds.

Christoph Müller, the CEO, comments on this as follows: “As part of the Europe-wide roll-out, numerous new talented people will be recruited who enjoy helping to shape the future of the financial market. We are delighted in particular to announce our market entry in Germany with experienced new colleagues such as Thomas Dunne, Matthias Maxa, and Christian Thumerer who are held in high personal regard.”

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