Debt Capital Markets / Primary Market

At CMTA the focus is on understanding the needs of the issuers we support. Accompanied by CMTA staff members with many years of experience in the structuring, preparation and placement of primary market transactions, we bring together creditors and investors on the European interest market. We are at your service when it comes to structuring with expertise and systematic feedback and we support issuers by addressing the requested market in a target-oriented manner.

Secondary market

Founded by secondary market specialists, CMTA always endeavours to enable daily trading in secondary market securities quickly, accurately and with reliable delivery.
A strong network of professional clients and detailed knowledge of their needs enable us to provide liquidity swiftly, even in rarely traded securities, and to offer scarcely available material.
We are at the service of our clients as a direct counterpart for handling fixed-income transactions, not only OTC but also via an MTF (BTFE / Bloomberg).