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Information obligation pursuant to Section 5 E-Commerce Act, Section 14 Companies Code, Section 63 Trade Code and disclosure obligation pursuant to Section 25 of the Media Act

Schmiedgasse 38/3
8010 Graz

Tel.: +43 50 2682

Object of the company: The provision of investment services pursuant to Section 3 Para. 2 Clause 1 and 3 of the Securities Supervision Act (WAG) 2018 pursuant to the licence issued to the company

VAT ID number: ATU 72959907

Legal form of the company: Stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft) with its registered office in Graz

Companies register number: FN477532d

Companies register court: Graz Provincial Court for Civil Law Matters

Supervisory authority: Financial Market Supervisory Authority, Otto-Wagner-Platz 5, 1090 Vienna,

Special supervisory authority: Financial Market Supervisory Authority -

Authority pursuant to the E-Commerce Act: Municipal authority of the city of Graz


Specialist group: Financial service provider

Management: Christoph Müller, Mag. Martin Strohmaier

Member of: Anlegerentschädigung für Wertpapierfirmen GmbH,

Professional law ( Trade Code, Securities Supervision ActLegal information

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